Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Colorado Scenery

I recently took advantage of an opportunity to spend a couple of nights in the Rocky Mountains camping out with a whole bunch of teenage girls from my Church. It was wonderfully relaxing and rejuvenating. All except the howling coyote's the first night and their crazy attack on some innocent creature that became their feast at 3 o'clock in the morning! Yeah, THAT was a little stressful to listen to! Other than that, I truly enjoyed myself and my return to civilization was not a welcomed event. The campground was in the southern part of the Pike National Forest, west of Colorado Springs. I drove home through the forest and found many wonderful places to stop and photograph some of the beauty that the area has to show. Here are just a few of my favorites.

This is currently my desktop. I really like this one!
Fence Post


I'm intriqued by these crazy little things. So pretty. So pokey!
Purple 2

My daughter told me once that sunflowers remind her of me. It's because I taught a lesson once about how the sunflower always keeps it's face towards the sun and how we should follow its example and stay focused on the Son, our Savior.
Pesty Sunflower

I love the colors of this image, but the overall feeling for me is a sadness. There are so many dead trees in our forests right now. It's very sad to me.

Gotta love the purple!!

There's something to the symbolism of fences that I am drawn to. Fences to protect us. Fences to deter us. Fences as an obstacle to overcome. The analogies are numerous.


This image is created from 5 separate images to make a very long panaramic image! It is one I am anxious to print. It will end up being about 8" x 54" ! Might be a bit pricey to frame!!!
Colorado Panarama1


  1. wow I love them...I absolutly love the first ones those are great!! This is no surprise are amazing!!

  2. These are just gorgeous Patti