Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Audrey and Richard

Meet Audrey and Richard:

While I love taking pictures in general, 
I especially love taking pictures of people in love. 
And these two are most definitely in love!

 Audrey and Richard have known each other for many years, but only recently actually dated. The first date happened mainly because Audrey's father told Richard that he should date his daughter!! And so he did!! They reaquainted themselves and one date became another, and then another, and then another!
 The proposal was all planned out. Richard had come up with a fail-proof idea. 
The only thing he didn't factor into the evening was Audrey getting sick!! 
So, as a creative and inventive man in love, he improvised! 
While the rest of the family (and Audrey has many siblings) 
were in the other room watching a movie, 
Richard knelt down and gave Audrey a special present to help her feel better. 
Just as he asked "thee" question, one of Audrey's many brothers entered the room. 
Soon enough, he was announcing with great enthusiasm that Audrey and Richard would be getting married!!! 
He may have stole their thunder, but they didn't really concern themselves with that.
They were engaged!

 The planning began quickly as they decided on a date only about 4 months away. 
I was fortunate enough to be asked to be their photographer. 
And so begins the story of Audrey and Richard. Two hearts on their way to becoming one.
 They choose Denver City Park for their engagement session. 
This was where they had gone on their first date back in the Spring. 
Although it was now winter, it was the perfect setting for these pictures. 
And we were fortunate enough to have Spring-like weather for the session. 
It got up to 65 degrees the day of this shoot!!

 We walked through the park, going to the same areas that they went on their first date. 

              They laughed.



Kissed some more.


Ignored me.

 And all together, had a great time!

 Did I mention, 
they liked to kiss!
So much so, that even
their shadows snuck
a few in!

Thank you, Audrey & Richard, for sharing this day with me. 
I thoroughly enjoyed spending this afternoon with you, getting to know you and 
learning of your unique and fun story of how you became a couple. 
I cannot wait until  your wedding day! 
It's going to be a day of  joy, love and all sorts of wonderfulness! 
Thanks for letting me be a part of it! You guys are great!! 

(I hope the Spring weather will be as nice as the Winter weather was!!)

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