Wednesday, February 11, 2009

"Guest Speaker"

Last night, I had the privilege of being a guest speaker for a Small Business class at Colorado Technical University. This is where I was going to school a couple of years ago (before starting my own business). I took a marketing class there and it really helped me as I got my own thing going. The teacher of that class later became one of my wedding clients. He recently contacted me again to ask me to talk to his class about my experiences in starting up my own company. I was more than happy to go and talk about myself for as long as I wanted!!!

It was a fun experience. I was able to share with the class things that I have learned over the past 2 years. I shared some of my personal background, my passion for photography and design, how my company started and how it has grown and how I have been able to make things work. I hope that I was able to help someone recognize that dreams can come true. Although not without a lot of hard work!!

Preparing for this presentation gave me an opportunity to review over the past two years and think about all the many wonderful things that have happened. It has not been an easy road and we have struggled to keep things going. But I have also been blessed in so many incredible ways! I have learned so much and am having so much FUN! I feel very, very lucky and blessed to be able to do something everyday that I love so much and am passionate about! I know that I have a lot more to learn. I know that I have to keep working hard to make this whole venture a successful one long-term. But I just wanted to put here, in concrete words, how thankful I am for the past two years. For all the sessions that I have had. For all of my clients. For all of the support from my family and friends. For the people who believed in me when I didn't even believe in myself! And most of all, for God and His grace which without I woud be nothing. It is truly a spiritual journey I find myself on as I try to take care of my family's temporal needs. I'm so grateful to be an "artist" and to be able to see God's hand in all around me.

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  1. That's awesome Patti. I've been thinking about you so much. How have you been. When and where are going to post pictures of your trip to the mountains last week?