Thursday, February 12, 2009


It isn't often that I feel bad enough to just lay in bed for hours at a time when I really should be out taking pictures, editing pictures, printing pictures, delivering pictures. . .or whatever else I can do that has to do with pictures! But today. . .that is exactly what I did! I woke up sometime around 4:00 am with a splitting headache. I actually often wake up in the wee hours of the morning with a momentary headache, but it usually is gone as quickly as it came on. So I went back to sleep and waited for my alarm to wake me up again at 5:30. I was very sad to realize that my new, unwanted, companion was still with me (my headache, that is). I decided to get up anyway and fulfill my responsibilities of being a Seminary teacher (I teach an early-morning religion class to high-schoolers for my Church). I kept thinking that I would feel better before class starts because I'm doing something good for God! I was wrong. Not on the doing something good point, but my headache did not go away. During the lesson, I forgot about it for a little bit. Teaching about the Atonement of our Savior has a way of overshadowing any little problem that I may be having, for sure!! On the drive back to my house, however, the pain was back. I got the kiddos ready for school, asking them to pleeeeeease be quiet! They tried. . .but it's so hard to be 5 and quiet at the same time! After they were all safely at school, I climbed back into bed. I so hoped that when I woke up I would feel better. My headaches do not usually last very long so I was very surprised (and sad) when I woke up around noon still in pain.

Why do I share all this with you?! I don't really know! Just me rambling on, I guess!

Actually. . .I share this all because I think that I have something to learn from it. I think that I need to learn to allow myself time for myself. Although I absolutely love the things I do on a daily basis; namely, teaching, taking care of my children, going to my office/studio, etc it has become clearer to me today the importance of also making sure that I take care of myself. Without doing that, I may lose the ability to do everything else that I love. I do not think I should "come first" but I think I'm learning that I shouldn't be completely neglected either!

Now that I've figured it all out. . . do you think my headache will go away so I can get on with doing the things I need to?!!!!!

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