Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Hot Shots

This is a new product that I'm thinking about offering this year with my High School Senior packages. I'm calling it "Hot Shots". They print as a 10x20 print and will come framed. Let me know what you think! (**Thanks, Becca, for your help in getting these images to fit right on the page! You are, once again, my hero!!!)

Makin Waves

Can You Dig It

Just For Kicks


  1. Those are great!! I think that is an awesome idea. They look great!!

  2. Wow, I love them! You will have to show me the magic in making these gems. All the photos are superb, I thought that was Michael Phelps at first, no joke.

  3. Haha! The swimmer is Brandon Fifita! I'll have to tell him that he's been mistaken for Michael Phelps--that will make his day!

  4. I think they are awesome!! But I am biased on two counts!! I love those being photographed and the photographer!! =0)
    Debbie Davis